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About Us

In 1996, after many years of operating as a traditional retail travel agency, Bill & Leslie Kraus developed a unique business model for selling cruise vacations that was destined to become a model for the industry. By 1995 it was obvious that cruising was the fastest growing segment within the travel industry with just 12% of the general public ever having cruised before. At about the same time the Internet was starting to make itself known Bill looked into his “crystal ball” and saw the potential of the Internet as a tremendous marketing tool.


While a number of well know cruise industry executives told Bill & Leslie not to waste their time marketing on the Internet, as the Internet would never amount to a ”hill of beans” in selling travel, Bill had a gut feeling that the Internet would eventually become an important tool for marketing travel. As we all know today the Internet is considered the single best tool for obtaining travel information.


To this end, Cruise Club of America was launched in 1996 based on a unique membership business model that would reward members with the ability to book any cruise in the world at a transaction fee of just $35.00 per person over our standard wholesale agency cost. A key element was not only providing members with the best prices, but also providing a high level of service and support through highly experienced cruise consultants.


Over the years our business model has changed as the industry changed as more and more cruise lines developed new sales policies prohibiting the discounting or rebating of their cruises. In one way, this was a very positive move as it brought out the loyalty of our members who really appreciated great service and support, 7-days a week, from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. While some members continued to “surf” the Internet looking for a “better deal”, Cruise Club of America rewards its loyal members with valuable amenities and/or onboard credits in lieu of discounts. Of course for those cruise lines that still permit us to do so, we still book cruises at a transaction fee of just $35.00 per person over our standard wholesale agency cost.


Unlike other large agencies that regularly advertise misleading “smoke & mirror” or low-ball prices to draw in customers, Cruise Club of America has taken the high road and subscribes to a doctrine of providing its members with honest pricing and availability. While these “other” agencies may continue to boast about all the awards they have won over the years, we prefer to keep offering our excellent service and great client support.


Since day-one, our goal has been to provide our clients with the best cruise and vacation values while simultaneously helping our clients select and book the right ship to fit their specific needs. Too often these days we hear from new clients that they are fed up dealing with other large agencies whose staff either lacks the knowledge to guide them in the right direction or are not available when a question arises. Let’s face it, price is not everything, particularly when you take into consideration that every cruise line and ship are different and may not be well suited to your specific taste and needs. As professional travel agents, who are constantly taking advantage of the latest training and familiarization programs, we are in a position to provide you with a level of support and knowledge that is the envy of many other travel agencies.


Time and time again we hear from our clients that the one thing they really appreciate with Cruise Club of America is that they can always reach their agent or at least one of our managers seven days a week from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST. Whether it’s a simple question or a new booking, you can rest assured that our staff is always available…even our president and vice president.


When was the last time you called one of the other large Internet or traditional travel agencies and had their president or vice president answer the phone…even in the evening or on week-ends? While the presidents of most of these other large agencies delegate their calls to others, Bill & Leslie enjoy picking up the phone and talking to their clients. In fact over the past 14 years many clients have become personal friends of Bill & Leslie.


In addition, our unwavering philosophy to treat every client as a friend has resulted in a huge number of new client referrals from our regular clients who continue to book with Cruise Club of America time and time again.


While many of our competitors have tried to emulate and copy our marketing, none have been able to duplicate the efficiency of our operation or the strong bond and loyalty that is synonymous with Cruise Club of America. In fact, most clients who have “surfed around” to save five dollars usually come back so we must be doing something right.


We are extremely proud of our impeccable reputation for integrity, service and an unwavering philosophy that our clients come first! That’s why we invite you to join our family of tens of thousands of satisfied members world-wide.